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    IS anyone familiar with In Fisherman magazine? I got a pretty good offer in the mail the other day. One year (8 issues) for only $6.00. The cover price is $35.00. Kind of surprised this is so little. IS this a pretty good magazine? Did the Linders used to publish this magazine?
    Any info appreciated.

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    Bruce - I got a similar deal two years and signed up. Cost me $6 for the year just like you quoted. It's an interesting read and there always seems to be some info on Walleye in there. It's a broad ranging multi-species magazine that I think is pretty good. The problem I had is that it was multi-species so I think maybe 10-20% of each issue was of interest to me but for $6, I'm not complaining.

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    Bruce - I got the same offer. I said what the heck - $6.00 is a deal. No long term commitment. I also got an offer for Fur-Fin-Feather for I think $8.00. I signed up for both.

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    I signed up last year in the spring, it has decent articles, they cover all species; Bass, Catfish, Panfish, Pike, Muskie Trout, Salmon and Walleye, I probably read about 30 - 40 % each issue. Can't beat it for $6, they already want me to re-subscribe for the same low price

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