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    my name is ben, I dont mind a good teasing every now and then. I am so ready for spring fishing, more than normal this year. I tried 4 or 5 times to get out for some of my own fishing to put some meat in my freezer........and it just didnt happen for me. when I had ppl to go the weather got in the way. when mother nature allowed I either didnt have ppl to go or I had other obligations in the way.

    I haven't had a line in the water since like October, I feel like n addict going through withdrawal. in fact 8 only got out twice for myself all my freezer has a big empty spot where my fish should be.

    am looking forward to taking a few days off in April and hitting the jig for some supply and then trolling for that nice picture
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    Ben,Sorry to hear you did not get out to put some fish in your freezer.I too am starting to get withdrawl symptoms of not getting out since October.We actually did not run a crankbait once last year due to the unusually cold spring and fall.My buddy put both his boats into storage in early November.Then,by mid November,when the winds,the boats were not available.Kept reading all the threads of big fish being caught and actually tried to persuade some guys get together and pay a charter.That failed,due to poor health or commitments.The charters that dock their boats should be going in 6-7wks from now,and hopefully the weather will allow the trailorable boats to get in before that.Good luck.Those 2015 fish should be 2-3lbs this season and plentifull.By the way,my name is Bob....LOL.

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