Need Fishfinder Setup for Multiple Stations Need Fishfinder Setup for Multiple Stations Need Fishfinder Setup for Multiple Stations Need Fishfinder Setup for Multiple Stations
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    Default Need Fishfinder Setup for Multiple Stations

    Question for those of you out there more experienced with setting up Fishfinder/GPS combos...especially for multiple stations/displays.

    We just purchased a 32 ft Carver convertible at the end of October. One crappy old unit on the boat, with transducer, power cables and a mount on the flybridge and cabin (dual station). It cuts out all the time (regardless of which station), and needs replaced.

    The decision on the new electronics is a bit overwhelming. On my 26' Regal, we have a Lowrance Elite 7 that does the job just fine. We may want a bit bigger screen on the new boat.

    On the Carver, not sure whether to purchase multiple head units to share the transducer, add multiple independent units on the boat, or utilize some other technology to share the screen. I see some that will show remotely on Android devices. I also have a couple of ToughBooks that I could utilize if that is an option. hull or thru hull transducer?

    I would imagine most of the time we would drive from the fly bridge. I am sure there are times we will be in the cabin due to weather. I would also like to be able to have a display on the deck...where the fishing will take place.

    Need Fishfinder Setup for Multiple Stations-carver-fishfinder-jpg

    Not sure I necessarily require side scanning. It looks cool, but not sure it would be a requirement.

    Any suggestions on setting this up without spending more than $2,500?

    Thanks in advance for your input. I know quite a few people out here are going to be more knowledgeable about this than the 23 year old at West Marine or Cabella's.

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    go with the garmin plus series. they network together off of 1 transducer

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    Iím getting ready to add a second display myself. As well as radar. Curious to hear everyoneís response. I have a two year old ray marine A series. We can blue tooth to a tablet but itís not the easiest thing to do. Plus it is only a viewer. And you canít switch views drop a pin or change direction on the auto pilot. A new ray marine display that is compatible is over $2,000 and the A series is no longer available. My installer is looking for a used unit for us...

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    I am set up with an IPad as a repeated display of my HDS-9. I fabricated a mount system the letís it go in a Scotty rod holder mount and a RAM mount holds the iPad. . It works OK except the IPad has a tendency to overheat When exposed to direct sunlight. Iíd recommend getting a second display networked for the best reliability

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