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    Default 1/4/19 -1/5 Walleye \

    1/4 - Went out of Meinke at about 10:00 am. Winds were blowing a bit pushing 2-3 foot waves and a bit of mud out of the rivers. Headed east about 4 miles, and began trolling in 18 ft of water pulling various P10s at between .8 and 1.6 mph. Didn't get a nibble for 2 hours.

    Changed our program a bit and put on a Skinny Cutter 110 (blue and silver) at 110 back, a P10 wonderbread at 70 back, Reef Runners Purple Nurple and Purple Demon at 70 and 100 back. Caught 1 on the Cutter in 23 ft of water.

    Pulled lines and headed about 3 miles east to seek some refuge from the wind. Water was a little stained, but fairly clean. Started in 22 foot of water with the same setup. Caught 2 on the Cutter and one on the Wonderbread in about 15 minutes. Got into 25 foot of water, and didn't get another fish for 30 minutes.

    Turned back and went to 21 foot of water, changed out the Purple Demon for a blue and chrome RR.

    Immediately after getting back into 23 ft of water caught 4 more on the Cutter, 2 on the wonderbread, 1 on the Purple Nurple at .8mph. Bumped the speed to 1.4 mph and 3 of the 4 lines fell back almost immediately. Got our limit and threw the rest back.

    No real size to the fish, but had a couple of 3-4 pounders. They were mostly 19-22 inch fish.

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    Tried jig fishing a little bit before dark, with no takers.

    1/5 Almost the identical setup as Friday afternoon to start. The blue and silver Cutter was slamming them off the bat. Trolled .9 in flat and barely stained water for about and hour and pulled in 11 eaters. Determined to catch 1 jigging, we spend about an hour in the same area we had picked up a majority of our fish over 2 days. Finally pulled 1 in and called it a day. Biggest fish of the day was close to 5 lb.

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    Thanks foe the report.Great two days of fishing for eye in January.

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