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    sent you a pm dayze

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    Im going to open a baitshop 9648 jerusalem rd curtice ohio[formerly sabrinas]all my jigs are going on the wall around 3 thousand and still tying jigs will still supply other baitshops and friends along with bottom bouncer have 4000 i ounce to 8 ounces, spreaders, plain with no bling 3/4,1,1-1/2 and 2 ounces and spreaders with bling blades and beads all colors 3/4 and 1 ounce and spreaders with just a swivel where you can add own weight.worm harnesses, sinkers, ice jigs and spoons. All welcome to come in and look. Will have wax worms and night-crawlers and minnows coming soon. Will be called scott and dicks bait and tackle. Still taking orders for hair jigs same price for you guys 2:49 at shop all come with 20 pound wire stingers with a n0 8 treble and a hook bonnet no phone yet or licence my cell is 419 708 0131 probably open in a week. Hope for good weather and good fishing and plenty of shiners buddy who runs boat was in today and he thinks shiners are going to be scarce for 2019 if time permits might try my hand at catching my own wish me luck

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    lots of members coming in shop nice to meet you all. few reports 1 guy came in looking for shinners he said they were ice fishing off Catawba 5 inches of ice with limits said had 17 fish first 30 minutes but be careful warmer weather and rain will make it melt. lots of east harbor guy with crappie, bluegill, and some nice perch. Saginaw bay is hot was told limit is 8 there seen pics of nice eye limit and even lake trout 18 inches of ice there. wax worms been good seller. a few guys fishing maumee bay park ponds. glow 1 ounce jigs been hot seller have purple, jd green, pink,chartreuse,blue,orange everything glows but the hair eyes -thread-flash and paint all glow they really shine, plain orange and the disco is the 1 that amazes me they sell so well. good luck fishing warm calm weather is needed

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