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    We fished Thursday, Oct 25th.Was a cold start with some ice on the floor when got started at 8am.Ice melted fast once got running.Went to gull first and caught 5 after several drifts.Water temp was 53 degrees and visibility was about 5ft.Our captain was itching to relocate north.Next stop was chickinole.Got 2 fish there.Next stop was mill point.We caught 4 there.They shut off around 230pm.Our 11fish weight 24lbs at cleaners.Fish caught in 12-16 fow.Was beautiful day on the lake.There were actually times when did not have enough wind to work the reefs properly.We also caught 7 cats, with two of them going 12 and 14lbs.Think that is our last trip casting this season.

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    hey bob- liked your report. I've never fished erie this late in the season, and i'm curious what lures you were casting with. do the walleyes still hit spinner rigs/worm harnesses this late in the season?

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    We were all casting worm harnesses.Were using a gold #4 Colorado blade.Were using .5oz and 5/8 oz sinker.We were lucky the water clarity was still good.Often,this late in season the western basin gets pretty muddy.Can't even get a good satellite view of that water with all these clouds.I watch Iwindsurf daily and even though were getting a lot of big wind it wasn't from NE or E direction the week before we went.Lately we have had that wind direction,so expect gull and east side Pelee pretty muddy.Probably wondering why we bought Canadian licences too.We buy them every year,because our captain likes to cast on the reefs and doesn't like many other boats around.Have to admit,that we only fished Canadian waters only a few times.Way less than usual.The fish were the same size as in US waters,didn't need to burn extra fuel.

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    that's good to know. maybe I will try to squeeze a fall trip in next year. thanks!

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    If you are planning a trip in the fall,we usually can start catching walleye on the reefs starting the second week in September.We can usually still catch through mid October.The later you fish,the cooler the water and greater chance of water clarity affecting the bite.Bring extra rigs,because you do lose them in the rocks.Good luck.

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