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    I stopped by Cabelas on Saturday to get braided line like Eyezcrazy suggested and I got some Power Pro 10lb that is the diameter of 2lb. I looked to get a Berkley Lightening rod but at this point of the season, all I saw was the high priced Loomis rods and a bunch of St. Croix rods. They had a few Ugly sticks left too. I have not had a chance to go to Wal Mart to get one of those Shakespeare micro graphic rods like LEfriend suggested.
    When I got back home, I found I had two new never used Cabela's rods in the closet one which was an IM6 and one was an IM7 that I had apparently got on sale at some point. Can anyone tell me anything about these rods? Are these older model technology rods too? I did not see any rods on the shelf that said IM6 or IM 7. Thanks for the coming explanation of fishing rods.


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    I can tell you they won't compare to the lightning rod! I have used the Berkley lightning rod for many years. I feel they are the best rod for the money. Pair it with the Pfleugger president reel and you have a hell of a combo for $100.

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    I just stopped at Bass Pro Friday to pick up a Berkley lightning rod in a light action 5í6 in which they didnít have. So I ordered online. The president reel by pfluegher is a perfect combo. I have them on all my rods. For the price it canít be beat. What kind of action is on those rods Lucky Duck? The IM7 rod should be fine as long as itís not to long or heavy of a pole.

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    I think that IM7 was 6'6" light action pole.

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    Which size of President do you favor, Im deciding between the 30 and 35 .

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    go with the 30 if just using as a perch reel 25

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    Thanks for the info. It's now on my list!

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