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Thread: Sure Shad

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    I was going through my tackle and came across a bunch of old weight forward's that I have and remembered this old thread from last summer. I attached a couple of pictures of Sure Shad lures from 2 different suppliers. Veselka from Maumee and Wagner from Defiance. I don' know if these are different owners of the same brand but thought I would put it out there for people to comment on.

    Name:  Veselka Sure Shad (2).jpg
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Size:  13.8 KBName:  Wagner Sure Shad (2).jpg
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    Parish Banana is my favorite. Similar to Erie Dearie and looks somewhat like Sure Shad, but I like the Banana as my experience is it doesn't tangle as much. Made by same fellow in Toledo that made Parish Peas. Sadly he passed away couple of years ago. New guy bought the business but I am not sure if he ever got it going and haven't heard any more. I loaded up last year and bought some of his old stock. I also have some Peas but have done better with the Banana. Should be a great year to sell casting lures! Hope he gets it going.
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    what about lei j,s i think thats how you spell them just bought around 40 cards of them new old stock the fish head, Erie dearies,parish peas, all colors. and few others. friend of mine bought them out years ago probally got 500 or so. and was able to get 5 cards of new Erie dearies we pour the head for him he makes them he does a really good job even sends them out to be gold plated so the price of that goes by whatever the price of gold is. going to get some nuggets for the wall but what size we have 5/8 and 3/4 i also think this will be a great year for the old lures
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    A couple more LEI Js and WIZ (new banana?)Name:  LEI Js.jpg
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    Don't know what this are but someone once told me they are ParrishName:  Parrish.jpg
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    These were all good lures. The fishing was so good in the 80's and early 90's that any weight forward would catch limits when the bite was going good. My favorite times were when the walleye were feeding up high in the water column. We used to call it "Splash and Crank". Cast out and start your slow retrieve as soon as the lure hit the water... crank a few times and, WHAM! Fish on!

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