Fished With Capt Rick R Chrystal Joy Saturday Rough Ride with 3 and 4 footers but Perch were Biting so it made it less painful. Fished G can come and Go with lots of good flurries. Skipper 9 style rig 3 hook on bottom and leave it there. Mostly lite bite but if you would just start to pick it up they would hold on and crush it. 18th trip of the year and the best Perch trip so far 210 with 62.5 at the cleaners. 40 throw back perch 3 dozen farm animals and 6 small walleye. Done by 130 Great day on that beautiful lake with good group of guys.

Fished Sunday with Capt Jerry On Playing Hooky. Left dock little later to let wind settle down. Went about 2.5 miles out of the mouth of the Portage river and the water was low from the south winds pushing all the water out. Ride out was not horrible but rough. lake settled down and we started picking steady by 9 am. Lots of swing and misses because of the LITE bite. With the waves it made it hard early to pick it up and feel them. I missed as many as i caught. Same thing get it on the bottom and keep it there. Spreaders and skipper 9 3 hook style did the trick no bling. We got our limit of 180 and 56 pound. Caught 1 12 3/4 perch and several over 11 inch. 1 bonus 18 inch walleye. 50 throw back small perch which i was very glad to see. several 6 inch walleye. 30 white perch 2 sheep head. Trip 19 of the year.

What a great weekend. I hate to see the season coming to and end. 390 perch for 118 pound at the cleaners this weekend. Done by 230 pm.

Thank You Capt Rick and Capt Jerry and all the guys that have been with or invited me to fish with them. 2 more Trips next weekend if the weather cooperates and then off to the tree stand until April.

Again thanks to all who post on this forum it is a great place to learn and a wonderful place to Daydream on the days i cant go fishing.