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    Default Finally got new motor in boat

    Well after about 3 months of working, I finally got the Motor back in my Boat. I spun the engine coupler a few months back so the engine had to be pulled to replace it. When we pulled the engine we found a crack in the block under the exhaust manifold and the motor had only been running on 7 cylinders. The stringers for the engine mounts were rotted and crushed and needed replaced. (Causing the coupler to go out). So while I worked on replacing the stringers my buddy who owns a machine shop and fishes on my boat quite often built me a new 350 to replace the 305 that was originally in the boat. (if you don't own a sonic saw and you have to tackle replacing stringers, GET ONE!!!)

    So now my 86 sportcraft 242 is like new and the extra power is sweet... The boat will get on plane so much better now. I can't wait to see how it does on the big water..

    I am looking forward to getting back on the big lake this weekend to do some trolling and possible some perch fishing.. Really been missing my sunrises on the lake....

    Hope to see some of you out there!!!

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    Congratulations @Mxclutch for getting a new motor in boat. Now you won't miss fishing & lake any more. A motor is important for a boat & without boat there is nothing for fishing.

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