Finally something good to report. After many trips to what were supposed to be hot spots, I found some fish on my own. Guys have been running way north and twice I was one of them and lucky if I caught 3 keepers. Yesterday I decided that as soon as I found enough marks, I would put lines out and that happened at the 57N line almost due north of Geneva. In less than 3 hours I boated 20 fish including my limit of keepers and never crossed the 00N line. No.1 dipseys at a 2 setting back 150' and 200' dragging Nascar and Watermelon Stinger spoons at 1.8 mph. I was home in time to see the Tribe take 2 from the Yankees and with SCA flying today I'll stay home today and get the hotdogs ready for the start of the Buckeye season. It should be a great one. O---H---