Curious about how guys manage their leaders, crawler harnesses and so on. I'm not really talking about storage, more so about the general setup. I learned most of this stuff on my own and with picking up tidbits here and there. I fish a variety of different species and techniques so I have 4 main leader storage systems for what I fish for: 2 different size hooks, 1 for cranks and artificials and crawler harnesses.

Here is my system:

I. On the rod side of things - Sinker slider, bead and crane swivel on the end of my line. If I am going to be using crankbaits or any diving artificial I take the sinker slider off. I have never been a fan of egg sinkers and I don't understand why it seems more people don't use a sinker slider system. I like the idea of being able to be able to quickly change different weights and breakdown by rod (leader put away and rod down to the crane swivel) for storage after a trip.

II. On the leader side of things - Snap swivel, line and either a hook with a snell knot or a duolock or my crawler harness

Curious mostly if guys use a crane swivel (or barrel) on their main line and a snap on the leader or vice versa and if so, why? I can see how some would probably say they want to limit the amount of rif raf in their leader so to not spook fish, but isn't fishing largely about being efficient in your methods to quickly change things out etc? Thanks for any input tips.