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    Default Fishing with Evan and Tim 5/10/17

    I met Evan and Tim at Catawba this morning, for a 6:30am launch. We headed toward the reef complex after getting word of decent water clarity and a good bite over there.

    We set up our Off Shore spread with Bandits 40,45,50, and 55 back and set a speed of 1.8-2.0mph going with the waves, using the "Baby ETEC" to push the boat, and the Ulterra on the bow to steer it.

    The wind was out of the east today, and really wasn't blowing much at all in the early am, but as the day went on the wind speed picked up a little. The waves were mostly 2 foot or less, but there were a few 3's thrown in for good measure.

    It wasn't long before the first board went back, indicating a fish on. I was hoping it wasn't a sheepshead, or white bass, but it was a whitey. While that fish was still in the net, the second board went back, and Tim reeled in the first walleye.

    Evan and Tim fish together a lot out of Evan's boat, back in MI. They wanted some pointers on running inline boards, and after spending the morning with them, and all the fish they reeled in.... I have no doubt that they learned enough, and now have the confidence to run more than two per side on their own boat.
    They caught their 12 walleye by 9:30am, and the rest of the morning we spent working on my limit, so they could keep fishing, and learning some tricks.

    They did a great job, and it was a lot of fun fishing with these two young men. Evan has May 25th reserved too, and hopefully his fiancÚ can make it this time. She was supposed to come today, but couldn't make it, so Tim gladly filled in.

    Tomorrow is supposed to blow out of the ENE pretty good, early, and then calm down for a few hours. We will be launching out of Catawba at 9am, to catch those lesser winds, and breaks in the rain.

    I doubt I can get back out to where I was today, so I'm going to be going up the west side of the islands in search of some clean water. I'll see what the weather man has to say about tomorrow, a little later. My plans may change never know. lol

    Stay tuned....

    Capt Juls

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    Captain Julia "Juls" Davis
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    Looks like a beautiful day to be on the water.
    Thanks for sharing

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