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    8/2 trip report with Tyler and friends

    Delayed start today for this southern Ohio crew Tyler and his friends, from the wind and waves last night. We had a nice steady bite today boating 30 nice walleye and a Nice perch. The waves laid...
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    8/1 report with Don and family

    Good bite this morning out of Lorain. It got very choppy by 8:00 am but we had their limits and some extras. The dipsy spoon bite was amazing this morning . Wind was swirling and changing directions...
  3. 7/31 morning trip report with Eric and son

    Morning trip today was amazing. The fish where one after the other triples and quads everyone was reeling out of Lorain. This father son crew had a blast as we boated 4 limits theirs mine and mates....
  4. 7/29 morning day two with Dave and Iowa crew

    The bite this morning was fire. 3 and 4 at a time great bite for day two of the Iowa boys. Amazing fishing in Lorain. Dipsy 1/55, 3/85 and flickers 50/150-50/120 at 2.5
  5. 7/28 afternoon report with Dave and Iowa crew

    Second trip went great. Glad we beat the heat today. 29 walleye filling this Iowa crews limits and mine and mates. Great day on the lake. The dipsy and spoon bite was off the hook today. 1/55, 3/85...
  6. 7/28 morning trip report with Norm and MI crew

    First trip was a quick one 19 walleyes to fill limits for this crew from MI with an extra. Beautiful morning on the lake. Dipsy was the best bite with stinger spoons. 1/55, 3/85 at 2.5mph out of...
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    7/27 second trip report

    Second trip was a good one we boated 21 walleye getting this crew from WI their limit and finishing mine and mates. 8 limits thru the Pork Chop Express today. Great fishing today back at it tomorrow...
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    7/27 morning report

    First trip was a catching trip we had 27 walleye in 2 hours of fishing for this Ohio crew of two father son teams. Great morning on the lake. Headed out for second trip now. Flickers abs bandits...
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    7/25 afternoon report

    Second trip was just as good as first we boated Benny and his friends their limits of walleye out of Lorain today in just a few hours. The fishing is really good. Flickers and bandits 50/150-50/120...
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    7/25 morning trip Report

    Great morning trip after the storm we boated this crew their limits of nice walleye and 3 of mine as well. Very nice grade of fish. Great fishing out of Lorain today back out for second trip soon....
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    7/24 Ashtabula LEWT results

    Thank you Bobby green for covering my charter today and giving me a chance to fish the LEWT tournament in Ashtabula. We where able to pull a third place finish moving us up in the team of the year...
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    7/22 with Jeff and crew from IN

    Awesome second trip with Jeff, Rob Sr and Rob JR today. We boated 22 nice walleye this afternoon about a two hour trip. They where snapping. Lorain 50’ of water 50/140-50/120 @2.5 flickers and...
  13. 7/22 trip report with Lorrie and Doug

    Great morning trip today Lorrie and Doug caught their limits of walleye and mine and some of mates too. Lorrie bagged a 29” fish ohio very nice fish. Beautiful out today. Headed out for second trip...
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    7/20 second trip for Henry

    Second trip with WI crew went very good. We boated them their limits and mine in just a few hours throwing back another 5 or 6 fish. The bite was hot today great day to be on the lake. Lorain 50’ of...
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    7/20 morning trip Dayton crew

    First trip was a fast one 2 limits in an hour of fishing for Tony and Cody. Great bite today they where completely inhaling the lures we fished Lorain 50’ of water flickers one side bandits the other...
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    7/19 second trip WI crew

    Second trip was just as good we boated over 20 and kept this crew from WI their 12 and a fish ohio white bass. With some nice sized fish. We ran bandits and flickers back 50/150 to 50/120 with 2 oz...
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    7/19 trip report Dayton crew

    Fantastic trip this morning we caught 24 or so walleye and kept 18 for this return customer Tony and his son Cody. The fish where on fire this morning 4 on at a time with a couple really good fish...
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    7/18 trip

    Finally back on the lake after all this crazy weather. Had a nice afternoon trip today and we boated a three man limit east of Kelley’s island flickers and spro 120 did the work. It was a slow tough...
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    7/14 report Dayton crew

    We had a good trip this morning with a crew from Ohio. We boated them their limits of 24 walleye to take home for the freezer. It was a nice morning to fish for walleye the rain clouds have moved out...
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    7/12 trip report Indiana crew

    Little rough on the lake this morning we had a late start and early finish. It was a rough lake but we boated this Indiana crew a 3 man limit of walleye. Flickers and spro 120 back 120-80 and dipsy...
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    7/10 afternoon report

    Second trip went well today we boated this southern ohio crew their limits of walleye and mine too. They where here to celebrate a bachelor party and we had a good time. We fished NE of Kelley’s spro...
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    7/10 trip report

    Morning trip was slow but steady we boated this ohio crew their walleye with a bonus steelhead and some white bass they decided to keep a good mix of nice fish east of Kelley’s island. Flickers and...
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    7/8 afternoon trip Chicago crew

    Second trip went very well for the time we had we boated 19 walleye in an hour just before the big thunderstorm showed up and put an end to the fun. The fish where chomping today for sure. Flickers...
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    7/8 morning trip with Cincy crew

    Morning trip was a catching trip today. We boated 19 nice walleye for the Cincy boys for day 2. We where off the lake and headed back out for second trip by 9 am. Very good fishing today. Flickers...
  25. 7/7 afternoon trip report Chicago crew.

    Second trip was just as fast as the first we got this Chicago family their fish and finished my mates too. Great fishing today the dipsy bite was fantastic with double willow harnesses. Great times...
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