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  1. Re: Fishing with Chuck, Vic, and Dave 6/17/2021

    I didn't see them on DJ's site last week when I was looking for it.

    Mine came from Domka Outdoors...(David Domka).
    Pooh Bear Bandit – Domka Outdoors
  2. Fishing with Chuck, Vic, and Dave 6/17/2021

    Let me preface this one by saying that I KNOW I took pics of these guys with fish this morning, with my iPhone, but for some reason, when I got home...all that was on there was the sunrise pic and a...
  3. Fishing with Dan, Brian, and Dalton 6/13/2021

    This morning started out a little strange. I got up at 2am and there was a lightning show going on over on the Canadian side of the lake. I made a cup of coffee, made the cats their wet...
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    Re: Fishing with Al, John, and "Fred" 6/8/2021

    Let someone else attach the board and snap that backwards instead of forward, so that the line is behind the pin (after explaining why it needs to go forward, showing them, and saying, "It's very...
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    Re: Fishing with Al, John, and "Fred" 6/8/2021

    No, I only run spoons or shallow diving cranks off the dipsies.
  6. Fishing Day 4 of 5 with Mark and Patty Leucht 6/10/2021

    This morning, was Mark and Patty's 13th wedding anniversary, so I was happy to see it was going to be a nice day for their special day. The air temps were supposed to be a little cooler than it has...
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    Fishing with Al, John, and "Fred" 6/8/2021

    (My crew weren't picture enthusiasts) ;)

    I met my crew at Mazurik's at 5:15 and headed north out of the launch at 5:30. It was a warm and humid morning, after yesterday's storms, with a partly...
  8. Fishing with Mark and Patty Leucht 6/6-7/2021

    Yesterday, was the first of a 5 day trip for Mark and Patty Leucht, who flew in from Wyoming Saturday night. They will be taking Tuesday off to do some sight seeing, and will be fishing Wednesday...
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    Fishing with Tom, Susan, and Mimi 6/1/2021

    Left the house at 4am, hit the gas station for some gas and ice, and headed to Catawba State Park to get things ready before my crew showed up.

    I almost rescheduled this trip, thinking the lake...
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    Fishing with Joe, Ray, and Joe 6/2/2021

    The morning was a repeat of yesterday morning, so no need to bore you with that opening again...;)

    Joe Edelstein set this trip up to fish with his Dad, and his dad's friend, Joe. Ray (Dad) and...
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    Re: Reeling in a sea gull

    Thanks for saving it. :)
  12. Fishing with Tony, Julie, and Dale 5/22/2021

    I went to bed at 5:30 yesterday, and turned the TV off at 6:30, and set the alarm for 2:30. That was the plan anyway, but I ended up waking up at 1:45, and was fully awake, so......I got up. I did...
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    Re: Fishing with Dick and Brad 5/20/2021

    Nothing happened. I just own a lot of lures, (some women like shoes...I like lures), so I like to try different things out there. It doesn't mean you have to go and buy them... if your program is...
  14. Fishing with Jake, Jarrett, and Jenna 5/21/2021

    I woke at 2:30 this morning, and figured since it was so close to my 3am alarm, that I would just get up and have some extra time for that second cup of coffee.

    Dexter, and I, did the usual...
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    Fishing with Dick and Brad 5/20/2021

    I had an unexpected day off yesterday, when my customer forgot that he had a trip scheduled for the 19th, so I rescheduled him to August instead.

    Left the house at 4:20, because I was meeting...
  16. Re: Fishing with Chris, Tom, and Kevin 5/17/2021

    I run my deeper leads on the outside boards and shorter leads on the inside. If I'm using snap weights, then they always go on the inside. I don't have my boards set to release, using the loop trick....
  17. Fishing with Chris, Tom, and Kevin 5/17/2021

    I woke up a little before 3am, before the alarm went off, so I got up and made some coffee. Dexter and I, went out to the back deck to check out the morning's weather. Dexter smelled something that...
  18. Re: Fishing with Ty's Dad Jeff, Jacob, and David 5/16/2021

    Yup...I have no social life...I'm a boring gal, who likes her routine. ;)
  19. Fishing with Ty's Dad Jeff, Jacob, and David 5/16/2021

    This morning, my crew had one change up. Ty stayed on shore to take his Mom to breakfast, and his Dad Jeff took his place in the boat today.

    Dexter, my dog, wasn't happy to see me leaving at 4am,...
  20. Fishing with Ty, Jacob, and David 5/15/2021

    Launched at 5:15 this morning and headed north out of Catawba. Our first spot was really good, until the flotilla of boats started showing up around 6am. Then, we just tried to stay on one small pod...
  21. Fishing Two Days with Kirk and Ken 5/10 and 5/12/2021

    What started as a three-day trip turned into a two-day trip with a blow day in-between both trips.

    Monday 5/10:

    I picked my crew up at their hotel at 5:30, because they flew in from Iowa, and...
  22. Fishing with Larry, Tony, and Rudy 5/7/2021

    It was raining this morning, when I woke up and let the dog out. I looked at the weather apps to see what was in store for us, and found the rain would be clearing out by 7am. I had told my Indiana...
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    Fishing with the Claypool Family 5/6/2021

    Met my crew at Mazurik's at 6:15, and we headed out just in time to watch the flaming orange ball rise up over the horizon. It was a clear sky this morning, temps were in the high 40s to low 50s, and...
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    Re: Still spawning?

    Some don't drop their eggs, for whatever reason.
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    Re: Fishing with Todd and Matt 4/27/2021

    Cool! Can't wait to check out your new traveling home at the ramp next time I see you. :)
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