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  1. Fishing out of Sheffield Lake Ramp September 20

    I wasn't going to write a report after Friday's trip but after I read Captain Juls report from the day before (slow trip, Lorain area), I thought this might be of interest to a few of you. My last...
  2. Fishing out of Sheffield Lake ramp August 2, 3

    Several days prior to 2 August, there had been a couple days of fairly strong NE winds so even though the weather forecast was for lighter NE winds on Friday, the residual waves from the prior day...
  3. Fishing out of Sheffield Lake Ramp July 27-28

    Given that the last trip from the ramp was a tough one, I was curious to see how the fishing would be a week later. Conditions were forecasted on both days to be sunny, winds out of the southwest at...
  4. Fishing out of Sheffield Lake Ramp 19 July

    I have been wondering just how long the great walleye fishing (quick limits) we have experienced the last two months will last in the Central Basin and got a taste of that on a morning trip I made...
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    Fishing out of Sheffield Lake Ramp 12 June

    After reading the Lorain 6-6 report and having confirmed with one of my co-workers who had recent good luck just outside the mouth of the Black River, I took a day off work to benefit from the last...
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    Sheffield Lake Area, 31 August, 3 Sept.

    Went out twice this weekend from Sheffield Lake launch ramp starting at about 8:30am both days. Drove due north from the ramp to 50ft. depth and trolled north/northeast about 4-5 miles out and came...
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    Sheffield Lake Area, 24 August

    Haven't fished this area for two weeks so was curious to see how the fishing was. Launched at 8:30am, and south wind was blowing about 15-20mph. Lake looked really calm from shore and as usual,...
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    I also fished out of Sheffield Lake today but was...

    I also fished out of Sheffield Lake today but was not on the water until 8am. Went due north to 50ft depth and set up with worm harnesses and inline weights. As FUBAR1 said, the fish were all over...
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    Kellys Island Walleye - 1 July to 3 July

    Fished the evening of 1 July leaving from the State Park launch ramp a 6PM. Trolled due north to the red buoy at Gull Island Shoal and turned back once the water started to get shallow. Caught 6...
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    North Passage Walleye

    For the last two years, it seemed like the post spawn walleye migrated east using either the North or South Passage. It was my experience and others that the larger fish used the North Passage while...
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