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    Finally back on the lake.

    After self quarantine for 6 weeks and things loosening up a bit it was time to go fishing again and figure out the fish for next weeks charters as we get back to running trips. We found fish almost...
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    Nice to see the kids getting involved and...

    Nice to see the kids getting involved and catching some nice fish. Very good for running 4 rods and not much experience.
  3. Another nice day on the big pond with 2 PB walleye

    We had a good day on the big pond Wednesday with a fellow from Chicago and and another from MI. We headed out at 7:30 from Catawba towards the cans and it was flat calm. I checked a few spots out...
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    Great trip today with a crew from ohio

    We launched at Catawba at 7:30 am and headed towards the cans. We found a nice pod of fish and caught 18 on the first pass. Two more passes wrapped it up for a 6 man plus a few for the captain. We...
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    20/20 puts it down about 15 to 16 feet at 1.3 and...

    20/20 puts it down about 15 to 16 feet at 1.3 and 30/30 is about 21 feet down I also ran 25/25 which was the sweet spot Yesterday that is about 18 down. Yesterday we need to cover 15 to 22 feet of...
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    Two trips yesterday for big fish

    I had two trips yesterday and both targeted big fish. We ran bandits on one side 75 to 125 back and p-10ís 20/20 to 30/30 back with 2 oz. morning trip we fished the monument and pulled fish 8 to 10...
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    It was a great day no special color but all baits...

    It was a great day no special color but all baits had the PROP color on the bottom purple, red, orange and pink. The white bodied baits work well right now. I was using a 2 oz weight. The key was the...
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    What a day for March on lake erie.

    We launched at 8 am from Mazurik and headed out to the north side of kelleys. We found tons of really nice fish marks all the way to the shoal. We also found a lot of un-fishable muddy water from the...
  9. Open charter for this Sunday March 8th

    I have an open charter available for this Sunday March 8th. Going to be a very nice day. Give me a call or text to book. 810-223-4225
  10. First time walleye Fishing 2/18/20 with my new Texas friend

    I had the great fortune of taking a new friend out on Lake Erie for his first walleye fishing trip. We checked off that box on the bucket list. It was windy and it was cold but the heated cabin made...
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    Fishing Sunday 2/16/20 with a MI crew

    We planned to launch at Mazurik but it was pretty thick ice and i didn't want to put my boat thru that so we went to Huron and it was wide open. Made a run to the west had to slow down quite a few...
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    I run rod trees for 4 boards and one fold out...

    I run rod trees for 4 boards and one fold out holder behind it for a 5th. if i need more lines i run a 6th board off my rod tower. I change them up for dipsy fishing and put two fold outs and a...
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    I will run 4 to 6 of them this year as follows:...

    I will run 4 to 6 of them this year as follows:
    1) I set all side planers first and if the fish are biting, the stern planers never see the water they are last to be set as they create some extra...
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    I live 15 minutes from the show and it is great....

    I live 15 minutes from the show and it is great. lots for sale and some great seminars. Lance valentine always puts on some jigging the river seminars and Mark Romanack is there for a trolling...
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    Fishing 12/22 and 12/23

    I'm a little behind since i took off for Tennessee right after i got home on the 23rd and just returned to mi yesterday.
    We had a couple of good trips just before Christmas. We launched out of...
  16. Been a great fall and the winter is still looking good

    Its been a few weeks since i have posted anything with the brawl going on, deer hunting and thanksgiving. My son was home from the Marine Military Academy in Texas and i spent some good quality time...
  17. Sunday was one of the best days on Erie this year

    When I got back to the dock on Saturdays trip i met Vance's son and he saw all the fish we caught and was asking some questions as they came up from southern Indiana with their own boat trying to...
  18. Great start to the Fall Brawl for Scott

    I picked up Scott and his son Robby at 7:30 and headed out to where the odds where for a big fish, and we found one really nice 30" fish and 17 other very nice fish. Scott took it to Erie Outfitters...
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    saturday trolling in lorain

    I ran a couple trips saturday out of lorain in the big waves. Not a great day to be out on the lake but we got into some nice fish. Not full limits saturday but we boated some nice coolers. Trying a...
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    I have ran the tt40's behind offshore boards most...

    I have ran the tt40's behind offshore boards most of the summer as well. I have no problem with the flag still working. Just have to make a few adjustments as Ben has stated. The newer tattle flag...
  21. They are rod holders. I had a custom rail mounted...

    They are rod holders. I had a custom rail mounted all the way around the inside of the gunnel and transom with custom brackets that have scottys rod holders mounted to them. This lets me run down...
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    I am running fall brawl charters and i get the...

    I am running fall brawl charters and i get the charter fee. If the crew is together i let them decide what they are doing with regards to winnings. If it is a walk on whoever reels it in it is their...
  23. Saturday afternoon trip with a couple repeat customers

    We left Mazurik launch at 1 pm and headed north east towards the weather buoy where i fished with the morning crew. The lake laid down and was flat calm. We got right on the fish again same program...
  24. Saturday morning with awesome young couple on a fishing date.

    I met this good looking couple at Mazurik launch at 7 am and we headed north east of Kelleys island towards the weather buoy. It started out fairly smooth and the waves built a little from the...
  25. walk on this saturday afternoon and sunday morning

    I have a walk on started for saturday afternoon and sunday morning have two so far need a few more $100.00 each call me to book 833-646-3474.
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