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    Fishing with Jeff and Darin 9/15/2021

    Well, hello there! Seems like forever since I last wrote a report, but it's only been two

    I've been getting emails, messages, texts the past week asking if I was okay, because I hadn't...
  2. Re: Fishing Two Days with Jack, Jake, and Braden 8/28-29/2021

    New to me's a 2020 621 FS Pro
  3. Re: Fishing Two Days with Jack, Jake, and Braden 8/28-29/2021

    I've yet to see a pike in Lake Erie. That's not to say, You're lying. I've seen the Muskie, but no Pike. Glad to hear you've caught some out there. We do a Ontario Fly In for pike every year, so I...
  4. Re: Fishing with the Morris Crew...Jeff, Jeffery, and Christian 8/23/2021

    I buy the 6" snubbers locally, here at one of the bait shops in town. I try not to buy from the big box stores whenever possible.
  5. Fishing Two Days with Jack, Jake, and Braden 8/28-29/2021

    I didn't do a report yesterday, because it was so dismal on our perch attempt, that there wasn't anything to report, but a whopping 6 perch in the cooler. lol But, after thinking about it, if I tell...
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    Re: Found planer board SE of Kelleys 8/21

    Sounds like one of mine I lost. Does it have a big black release (Snapper or OR-18) on the front and a red release on the back with a Tattle Flag set up on it? :)
  7. Re: Fishing with the Morris Crew...Jeff, Jeffery, and Christian 8/23/2021

    You might want to start your own thread with this question. You might get your answer faster. I don't fish Avon, so I have no clue what reef you're referring to. Sorry.
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    Fishing with Mike and Billy 8/27/2021

    I was off for a couple of due to weather and the other, due to a scheduled day off, so it was time to go back to work this morning. :)

    The sunrise is later now...and, today, it was at...
  9. Re: Fishing with the Morris Crew...Jeff, Jeffery, and Christian 8/23/2021

    When I have two customers, we run two boards per side and 4 dipsies, so only 8 of the 9 lines allowed.

    When I have three customers, we run 3 boards per side and the 4 dipsies, for a total of 10 of...
  10. Re: Fishing with the Morris Crew...Jeff, Jeffery, and Christian 8/23/2021

    The Precision Trolling Data App has the info for the Lure Jensen Size 1 Dipsies for 0,1,2, and 3 settings.

    Pretty sure that other diver you're using is not listed.

    I would not paint them...
  11. Re: Fishing with the Morris Crew...Jeff, Jeffery, and Christian 8/23/2021

    Morning Dave,
    I don't have any experience with the ones you bought. Just try them. I'm sure the packaging came with a dive curve chart for them. As long as the dive curve is correct, you should be...
  12. Fishing with the Morris Crew...Jeff, Jeffery, and Christian 8/23/2021

    I had to be extra quiet this morning, because my sister and brother-in-law, who were staying with me over the weekend, and are not used to getting up as early as I am, were still sleeping. It messed...
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    Perch Fishing with Dave and Tracy 8/17/21

    When I woke up this morning, I already knew the forecast was looking great for today. So, I slipped out of bed and poked my head out of the back door, to make sure that Mother Nature wasn't pulling...
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    Re: Trying for perch sat

    Pick a better day to come up...Saturday, is going to be out of the N to start and turning NE mid morning and into the afternoon.

    While the islands will protect you a little up there by Green, you...
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    Fishing with Casey and Ryan 8/13/2021

    I didn't do a report on my August 4th trip, because I was heading to Wisconsin to visit family early the next morning, and I don't like to announce on social media that I will not be home for a...
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    Fishing with Kevin and Rich 8/2-3/2021

    Today was day two of two for my crew from Iowa. Yesterday, Kevin and Rich were quick learners on setting the dipsies, but the fish were less enthusiastic on biting. We did a later launch out of...
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    Fishing with TJ and Daphne... 7/31/2021

    Sunrise was at 6:31 this morning, so I had my crew meet me at Mazurik's a little before 6am, so we could be launched by 6am. The half hour before the actual sunrise is great for driving on the lake....
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    Fishing with Mark and Jim 7/27/2021

    The forecast was calling for a nice day. Winds, low to start, then picking up to 10mph with gusts up to 15 out of the WSW...and, sunshine. I left the house at 5am, and swung by the Best Western, to...
  19. Fishing with Larry, Rudy, and Neil 7/25/2021

    Larry Carlson, his son-in-law, and grandson, Rudy, fished with me back in early May for walleye. Rudy is the 9-year-old boy who loves to fish. Anyway, Today it was Larry, Rudy, and Larry's son (and,...
  20. Fishing with Ron, Bill, and Norlando 7/24/2021

    Ronald Long has been trying to fish with me since last October, but every time his date came up, good old Mother Nature would intervene and say, "Nay-Nay", while pointing her finger in the air, and...
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    Re: Fishing with the Simon Family 7/14/2021

    There weren't any bugs bothering us yesterday.
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    Fishing with the Simon Family 7/14/2021

    I got up at 2:30 and did the usual routine of making coffee, cleaning the cat box, getting the royals their canned food, and grabbing a couple treats for Dexter, before hitting the back deck to check...
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    Re: Fishing with Rodney, Dan, and Joe 7/8/2021

    Like I said, the cranks were out 70-125 back. If I had used assistance on those, I would report it. ;)
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    Fishing with Rodney, Dan, and Joe 7/8/2021

    I slept really well last night knowing that the crew I had for this morning were guys who have many years of experience under their own belts, and already know how to troll, so it was going to be an...
  25. Fishing Two Days with Mark and Claudia Miller 7/6-7/2021

    Yesterday, we stayed close to shore, because I was told that Claudia may get motion sickness, and the winds were gusting out of the SW, so it would have been pretty rough out where we ended up today,...
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