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  1. Ohio Governor today says it's OK to go fishing

    Governor Mike DeWine said today that going fishing is OK but advised fishermen to maintain the six foot separation distance. This shouldn't be hard to do on a 30 ft. charter boat if the captain...
  2. Four sets of Bert's rachet rodholders on trees.

    I have a total of 12 Bert's rachet rodholders on three trees, Excellent condition and ready to slide into your tracks. $1,350 new retail, selling for $775. Will sell in sets of three at $200 each. I...
  3. Sold out!

    [QUOTE=megabites2U;67358]ALL IS SOLD.......THANKS FOR LOOKING
  4. Sold sold sold

    I have already sold the rod/reel combos and all of the rodholders. I have left: two planer board reels, two planer pulleys, a pair of cedar planer boards, two big bags by Amish Outfitters, around 50...
  5. Complete trolling set up with Big Jon, Daiwa

    I have 12 rods, Daiwa Sealine 47LC reels, 12 rod holders in four tree sets, dozens of crankbaits, snaps, Amish Outfitters big boards, Big Jon planer reels and misc. Total is $4,000 retail but will...
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    Of things to come

    Sounded like a great morning. I read that the walleye fishing is really improving up your way. In past years when the action heated up at your end the walleye fishing cooled off in the west. I only...
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