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Air Fryer for Perch and Walleye?

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I searched and could not find anything on here that talks about the use of air fryers for perch and walleye. I currently fry my fish outside on my Weber gas grill side burner because of the odor and mess the oil creates. Has anyone tried using an air fryer for perch or walleye? I would love to have fish throughout the winter, and cook them inside. Just curious if they would taste as good as frying in oil before I go out and buy an air fryer.

Thanks for any feedback!

Ted - Toledo OH


  1. eyeguy's Avatar
    Hi Ted, well first off nothing beats frying in oil, having an air fryer i have tried it a few ways and it is fair, if you bread it you must spray it with oil/pam to brown and give it bit of crisp, and without breading use seasonings with butter or lemon juice for some moisture. .