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Finding crawler harnesses

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Finding crawler harnesses
Talked to a guy at the fish cleaning station he had a limit at stony point He was using some crawler harnesses. He called them Intimidator or eliminator.
They have a large Colorado front spoon and smaller trailer. He said they use them in Saginaw bay area.
Trying to locate a supplier
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  1. Big Daddy's Avatar
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    I am not an expert by no means, we do quite well on Saginaw bay, the Colorado spoon is probably a #5 did the harness have about a 3ft lead on it and two or three hooks? most of the guys catching a lot of fish using meat, are tying there own, it's not hard when you buy most of the market harness, the hooks are too big or they only have two hooks, similar to the concept you guys use at Lake Erie with the stinger hook on your jig heads, damn stinger hooks catch everything but walleye when jigging. let me know if you want more info on them, go to this is the coolest store you will find for Walleye fishing, there is nothing they dont have, check them out and you might find those crawler harness's, I am bringing mine the week of April 13, to Erie and will be trying them out as long as I can get the guys that come with me off the reef's catching those little guys. let me know but check that website out