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capt pete

Ice jigging

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I'm not sure what your fishing for but if it's walleye your probably not gonna find them in the harbor. I don't ice fish but I'm thinking you need to be out of the harbor somewhere. Would like to here somebody with some experience chime in on this one.
I agree with this post. You will catch bluegill and largemouth bass in the harbor thru the ice. I have fished Lake Erie for over 50 years , recreationally and professionally, and have not been fortunate enough to find a harbor walleye. Once ice breaks up, the walleyes will migrate to the western basin shoals to spawn and panfish will migrate to marinas where water temps warm more quickly. Find a marina that you can fish for fantastic crappie fishing. Bluegills and largemouth bass will be there also. Gently, vertical jig along any dark structure that absorbs sun light. The very best jig out there is a 1/10 oz Sonic BaitFish. Glow white and glow chartreuse are my personal favorites. These baits have a vibration that is not in other highly promoted metal jigs! They are also just as good for walleyes off the western basin rockpiles. That 1/10 oz is deadly on the cast then gently bouncing it along the structure back to the boat.
Remember, there is not much color in early spring bait fish. As a result, a glow white Sonic BaitFish should be your best finish. Be well...Pete
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