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  1. Sorry for slow reply.... I'm not on here everyday, unless I get a message from with a notification. To answer your question - I'd say yes - there can be a lot of fishing west of WW... I can't provide much specifics beyond that, as I never really have to travel that far! As far as being out of the way of the crowds, no worries there. There's plenty of water for all of us, and outside of the pack can still produce fish. If there's a million boats hammering the K can area, just fish off a bit more to the east if it's more comfortable for you... if you're not seeing any marks or catching, keep looking - you'll find some!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Is there any use in fishing to the West of wild wings this TOY. I just stepped up from my 21'tin boat to a 27'glass . Want to stay out of ppls way while I get used to her, but don't want to be in that 90% no fish water
  3. Sorry for the slow reply, but never sends me email notifications of new messages like it used to..... to answer your question - any tips? Yes. Plenty of tips. Should I start at Chapter 1, or just skip to the end! lol 2 tips to always remember - 1) 90% of the fish can be found in 10% of the water, and that 10% is usually vertically as much as horizontally. 2) The #1 secret to consistent limits is two parts - a) remember Tip #1, b) Maximum number of rods in the water for the maximum amount of time, meaning - keeps your rods in the water, and don't let them get tangled up! You can lose a ton of time dealing with tangles.

    Give me a call, or stop by and find me at The Crow's Nest. I'll have a little more info specific to location and programs, as that stuff changes day to day.. Early spring, start off slow trolling - Bandits, P10's, or Mann's Stretch 20+... big slow crankbaits. Just need to figure out how deep to put'em. Get with me, we'll get you on some fish!
  4. Hey Capt Eric.
    My wife and I are new owners of a condo at Green cove, thanks in large part to Evonne. She was great! Going to be fishing starting Easter weekend. First year on the Western basin. Any tips?
    Jeff Hunter
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