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  1. wayne you guys want to go on the 20th?
  2. troy have your wife look at jims combo trip sat, 103 lbs of perch for 8 guys and a cooler full of huge walleyes thats why we are moving to channel grove. and yes next tourament your wife on our team and you can come along to bait her hooks and put the perch in the cooler, it was fun sat but next year going to be a blast/
  3. wayne i was 3 to 4 miles west of the island at the south end of it in 27 fow. I was at the south edge of the pack yesterday. It wasnt a fast pull but steady until it got rough then we couldnt feel the bite. Yesterday was first day on water for me since april so i need all the help i can get with the walleye. Been trying 2 get the new boat ready almost there. Cant wait to try her out. I am ready 2 do another walk on soon as work slows down. Got 2 c ur tricks!
  4. Wayne, I have a 27 ft sport hardtop all white. The name on the back is bassking...but the paint is pretty faded. I am going to rename next year before I put the boat in. We were fishing south of the red and white buoy about 1/2 mile. WE were next to an orange buoy and a green buoy, I think they are numbered 3 and 4. There was a pack of 10-12 boats north of the red and white but we were all by ourselves. You guys were already done before I moved out there sunday. I have been fishing this area when the fish haven't been coopereating in closer and have done welll each time. I have the numbers, but Ineed to be on the boat to get them. I think I heard you say you were towing a buddy in? Your boat has a blue top to it right? I listen to 68 on the radio. I still want to do a walk on with you guys. I will probably pull my boat 1st of october or so. I am in B82 at Meinkes west docks
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