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paul king

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by Buc-Eye
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  1. #1 Dr.Ed
    Re: paul king
    I have been told by many sources not to eat the salmon from Lake Ontario and I am not about to argue with authorities. I will stick to the Lake Erie steelhead of which I caught a 29 incher yesterday off Geneva and will be the main entre' tonight at my dinner table.
  2. #2 Buc-Eye
    Re: paul king
    I wouldn't be shocked if there was disseminated information telling one to stay away from the salmon out of Ontario waters. The only thing I find comfort in is unlike a walleye that can push the 20 year lifespan mark, these fish only live up to 4 years. Their exposer time to the great lakes contaminates is minimal compared to our Lake Erie walleye in most cases. I may be in left field with this rationalization? They sure are fun to catch though Doc!