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    I have a 21ft parker pilothouse with a 150 yamaha. I use drift socks and that gets me down to 1 to 1.8 depending on wind. my problem is keeping it straight. Is this as good as it gets with no bow mount motor with ipilot? or is there any other product that will help me? Thanks to all that reply

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    The trolling bags are what makes it hard to steer. You could go with either or both, I-pilot which would steer for you ( I'd recommend a 36v 101 ). Or a electric motor mounted on your cavitation plate, 24 v or 36 v. Or a kicker. You could use an auto pilot to steer the kicker, or hook the kicker with a link to your main engine and steer using the wheel. But it is quite nice to have a kicker and the I-pilot. That way i have thrust/control from both the front and back.
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    are you using two bags, one on each side? if not, you should and you will see much better steering performance and roll stability

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    Jmo. I say go with a 8-10 hp kicker motor with a troll master speed controll & you can get your trolling speed & you have a back up motor should one break down. Been there done that! (lol now!)

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