Walleye eating Gobies? Walleye eating Gobies? Walleye eating Gobies? Walleye eating Gobies?
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    Default Walleye eating Gobies?

    When I fillet a Walleye I normally check their stomach to see what they are feeding on. 95% of the time the stomach is empty. Caught one last evening that had a 2 inch partially digested Goby in his belly.


    1) Do you check the stomach as I do?

    2) What have you found?

    3) Are the stomachs normally empty, and why?

    4) Why does NY prohibit the use of Gobies as bait?

    5) Have you tried the Storm "Kickin' Goby" , "Wildeye", Gulp Goby, or others on Walleye?

    6) Are Walleye just opportunists that will eat what they can get when they are ready to feed?

    I've always thought that a walleye just does not feed again until their prior meal is clear of the stomach. Like us, I'm full, stop eating until next meal.
    Over many years I have found mayflies, crayfish, small perch, shad, and emeralds, as well as some small bait fish that were too digested to determine what species they were.

    I have caught bass on gulp goby. We've known for years that they are high on the list of forage for Lake Erie smallies. I have not tried them while Walleye fishing, but I'm going to try to soon. Does NY really think if they allow Live Goby as bait that they will get released into waters that don't already have them? Why can't I catch a few at the start of my day and use them in the waters where I caught them?

    Firetiger in stained (45 ft.) water yesterday got the bite.

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    The last issue of In-Fisherman has an article about fishing Walleyes on the goby bite. Late summer and early fall they move up shallow and feast on the ugly little buggers. They drag brownish crank baits for them.

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    I use a brownish stick bait at night and been doing very well

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    They eat em, I'm positive the ones I'm catching right now are living on them. They are using a big hard bottom hogsback that has no other bait nearby and some of the fish have gobies in their stomach. You don't have to match the gobies to catch the walleye, just find where the walleye go to eat the gobies.

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    as far as NYS letting us use gobies for bait is concerned, they do not want an invasive to spread to any other body of water if possible. So we can not use them as bait.

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    Caught a 5 pounder yesterday that had 6 gobies in his stomach, including one that was almost seven inches long. What a GLUTTON!

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    Post Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel

    This is a good thing but could make fishing a little tougher for us, with the unlimited amount of gobies and guys catching gobies in 70ft of water they have no problem getting food, even the smallies and Lakers are feasting on these slimy little buggers, the brown colored plugs are producing well, the Bay Rat lure in the gobie color is producing well both in Erie and Ontario. Curious to see where this new diet of gobies is going, hopefully the grow rate increases and the survival rate of the young continue, with the 10's of thousands being ate that will be all the less that invade the females turf and devour their eggs. With the lakers, smallmouth walleyes and who knows maybe the Northerns will turn on to them, if the do so will the muskies!! Maybe this will take our world class fishery to the next level!!! PAP

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    They've been eating gobies now for awhile. Bass fishermen have been using goby patterns on drop shot rigs for years.

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    Caught another one that had a goby in the gut. This is outfishing everything.


    I just ordered 6 more. NO, I am not affiliated with this guy in any way! When the fishing is tough, and there does not seem to be alot of fish around, you need to put something in front of them that they want. I've tried a bunch of sticks in goby colors, Bass love 'em . I've caught more eyes on this than any other bait. Now I am looking for mayfly baits.

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    All you wanted to know about Gobies. They spawn ever twenty days


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