southtowns walleye tourny southtowns walleye tourny southtowns walleye tourny southtowns walleye tourny
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    Is any one else fishing the tournament this weekend?

    23 foot trophy

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    SwampRats Guest

    Default Always!!!

    Every year I get in , looks like typical weather for the start of the tourney.

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    Odie1 Guest

    Thumbs up Southtowns

    We will be in the water all week. Hope the "eyes" will be hitting better than last year, 8.6 was the best I could do. Good luck to all....

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    Sat 6/7/8 (678, cool !)

    I'm not entered but will be fishing all next week weather permitting. The Armor Firehall is too far away to go and register, so I'll just hopefully catch some walleyes.

    Beenout last 2 weeks trolling with harnesses in between Bflo water intake and Athol Springs all the way to 18 mi creek with no luck. Only sheephead and perch.

    Anyone having any luck yet ?

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    Odie1 Guest

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    Out today till noon, water got rough, wind picked up. Only managed a good sized perch! Even more amazing is that it hit on a six inch stick bait. Went out Sturgeon point then West to Evans bar, fished from 20 fow to 55 fow, zippo on the "eyes" However I did hear on the two-way someone got a 29.5 incher at just over 9 pounds! Lucky guy!! Heading for the Cat tomorrow, will post if any action reported there when we get back in, tight lines to all.

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    jimski2 Guest


    With the water temperatures being in the high 50's to 60, the walleyes are in the top of the water column. They are not using structure, just warmer water and they are feeding on the bait up there. Use 20 jets with harnesses or stickbaits along with boards to get the lures away from the boat. The night fishermen are doing okay on top in the shallows, especially at the Evans Bar. All the fish I am marking are 15 foot and above on my graph. Actually the bottom is mostly empty except for bass.

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    jwiner Guest


    what speed and bottom depth are you fishing? I just got a boat this year and was trying to get suggestions on trolling speed and where to start trolling in regards to depth of the lake? i am going out of small boat harbor


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    Odie1 Guest

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    Out today and hit them pretty good. Managed four in the box from 5.68 to 7.8 pounds. With the water temp going up looks like they may start the bite. Fished in 45-55 fow with harnesses. Lost three before we could get them near the boat. All in all a great day..... tight lines to all

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    odie1 mind telling where you were ? Sounds great. Don't worry we aren't in the tourney.

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    Odie1 Guest


    Hey Walleyerick....
    Went out the Catt, fished west towards Dunkirk. Tight lines.....

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