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    Default Southtowns Tournament

    Who is fishing the Southtowns Tournament next week and where will everyone be fishing? We should all keep in touch to stay on the fish.

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    Default southtowns:

    Fishing tournament. Last few yrs fished at Buffalo end. The water this yr is very stained and on Sunday we came up zero. Wind picked up in afternoon. First time out and first time skunked in a very long time.

    Think maybe the best thing would have been go shallow and run cranks like they do at night.

    Bill D

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    Pretty new to the game. Where do you sign up for tourney or is it too late?

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    It's not too late. I signed up months ago but I know someone that just signed up at Gander Mountain last Saturday. Check the bait shops and sporting good's stores.

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    You can sign up at the meeting on thursday evening at the armor firehall in orchard park, or all day untill 9:00 pm on friday at the same place.

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    Default 2nd attempt

    Tried posting a couple days ago and nothing showed up.

    We were out off 18 mile creek towards west in 40-50 fow and couldn't get action. Fished aout 20 ft down. Lots of marks though. Going to try again this afternoon out of Buffalo

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    Default Southtowns Tourney

    I'm trying out of Buffalo starting near the departure bouy then heading wsw west of Seneca Shoals toward Sturgeon Point. Been three years since I fished the tourney. Feel free to contact me on the water as I am not up tight about sharing information call name: Earlybird.

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    Good luck all ill be posting reports from the water when we start catching fish willl be fishing out of sturgeon due to truck problems.

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    Hey earlybird I am going to start fishing the east end I have never fished it before I know its productive . When I get out, which I hope is next weekend would you be willing to point me in a good general direction. I always run west but buffalo is 30 miles from my house vs 80 plus. I wanted to get out this weekend but the weather was not promising but should of went sat. Thanks

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    news has it that an 11.75 lb'er is leading the tourney. caught the first day.

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