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    Lefty Guest

    Default Port Colbourne Fishing

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a new-comer to this site and was wondering if anyone here fishes out of the Port Colbourne area on the Ontario side. I have spent years fishing for pickerel in northern Ontario by Parry Sound but have never done much fishing on Lake Erie. Having just recently purchased a boat I am looking to hook into some of these monster pickerel I keep hearing about but I am unsure as to where to start location wise. I have all the gear and tackle covered, included full GPS chip coverage of the lake, but want to get some feed back if possible to make sure Iím not missing any common Lake Erie local knowledge when it comes to fishing for pickerel. Any help would be great appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Fat Louey Guest

    Default Pt. Colbourn

    Hey Lefty: Welcome to the Board. I' am also new here. I was fishing off Pt. Colbourn about a week and a half ago, but didn't get any. Tried at Crystal Beach mid last week and nothing there either. Going to try Fort Erie as soon as the Lake calms down. My Walleye season mostly starts at the east end, and slowly moves toward Pt. Colbourn. Just a little early still, but if you head straight out of the canal about four or five miles, you may get lucky. Hope this helps.


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    joeboater Guest


    Try the gas wells off Point Abino when the water hits 67 to 68 degrees.

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    lake view ny

    Thumbs up fish and more fish

    there were a ton of marks last weekend on the international line between pt. abino and the mouth of the river.best marks are at 55ft of water.

    23 foot trophy

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    Lb26 Guest


    Whats up guy`s
    Also new to this place and a beginner. Will be fishing outta dunville and Port Coburne Hope to see some people on the water in the next few week`s.

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    max369 Guest

    Default small boat in a big lake

    Hey can someone help me. I only have a 14'er and don't trust it to go out far, I was wondering if anybody could put me on some perch near port colborne not to far out.



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    max, I have a 14' boat too, and I routinely go out 6-7 miles. However, I watch the weather very carefully. When the waves get bigger thna 3', it is too hard to troll. Usually way out on the lake when the wind is 15kts, the waves can be 3-4 ft. My boat is like a cork and the only thing I really need to be careful of is that waves don't go over the tyransom or that I get caught in a t strm.

    Generally though, fishing ain't what it used to be ! Good luck.

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    I know that Lake Erie walleye fishermen get a bad rap for not telling info. on the walleye catch out on the lake. Well if anyone wants to know about fishing the lake give me an email and I will try to help you out the best I can. I've fished lake Erie with my father and friends for over 25 yrs and we have done well on our catch. Last year we went in 6 tournaments, placed in the top 10 in 5 tourn., placed in the top 5 in 4 tourn. and won one tourn. All I can say is that there are a lot of walleye out in that lake, and in the 6 tourn. we fished, we caught over 230 walleye. Pay attention to the fish finder, make sure you save every time you catch a fish and record what you were doing!

    Good fishing!

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    Out of Abino wed. to the river and back caught 2 small ones but seen many caught in about 54 ft of water fished near bottom

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    Looks like this thread needs a boost. We've been having good success this year in part to cooperation among fishermen. There're more than enough walleye out there to go around and it would be really good to see an ongoing active thread about fishing the waters accessible from Pt. Colborne.

    Went out yesterday, Aug 27, 2011 due south into 72', marked few, took only one small walleye on the downrigger on purple and black worm harness down near the bottom. Those who went SE of Abino in 62' of water faired much better, also on riggers but using orange and brown harnesses.

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