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    can any one tell me if the walleye come in shollow near the marina or do you have to go out pass the mountain to get walleye?and does anyone fish for them out at that end in may and get any? i have fished out there in late july early august and coulnt find them our they just wouldnt hit got over a school of fish dont know what they where but they where all over the screen on fish finder in about 50 to 60 fow ran harness throught them didnt get one hit may have been perch .

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    mothermoose Guest

    Talking Ne Eyes

    Try fishing closer to the tribs until the end of july...

    I like 30--40fow but don't be afraid to into 20ft.

    After you have marked the struture (humps & dips) you will be able to consentrate your efforts..

    I run dipsys and worm harness but sinker and worm harness do just as well if not be better

    Keep your speed down thru the hot spots & pick up 2&3 eyes a run.

    Good luck ,


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    Default northeast

    what tribe is the best to fish out from. we went toward twenty mile but we couldnt find it.we used dipys and harness and the big weight and harness.moose do you fishing out of the northeast marina .that is where we went out of .

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    mothermoose Guest

    Default Ne Eyes


    I fished NE a lot last year about 15 times...

    I fished from 20 mile to 16mile past the W's down to 12 mile and shades beach 30-40 fow...

    Put well over 100 eyes in the box..

    Also fished the mountain at state line 60- 110 fow. did well when water warmed up..74deg. or so..


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    what do you do start up above twenty mile and start and go toward sixteen . where are the ws or what are the ws . we where up there last year in about 60 fow and our fish finder was just full of fish but wouldnt hit. i was pulling warm harness had four differant ones on one was water melon had them back 100 ft or more i did get snagged once . did have dipsy diver on can you tell me what fish that would be in august .what direction do you troll ?like ne or a nw like toward canada ? would you fish on first day out in ne or wait a week or so? do you troll the hole way down to 16 or are there hotspot i need to find.what does your boat look like might i will see you up there my father has a 17' tan tracker there will be two or three of use pull boat with a white chevy truck do you fish morning or afternoon for the eyes we where up in afternoon

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    moose thanks for info this should help a lot

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    Thumbs up walleye

    went to home town lake to just to some scotting for eye found some .we have a 15 to 20 mile lake there are eye in it but are very hard to catch we got two about 19 " long my six year old daughter got one of them .we where in about 7 ' of water made me very happy . you guy should come down some time and try fishing this lake see what you can do let me know if you would like and we can go .two more weeks that sucks i think right know we could get some good eye here . i think eye are just now starting spawn here or are in middle one was milking that we got

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