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    mothermoose Guest

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    Wondering if I can advise on spring lake trout.

    I tried 80-100 f.o.w. from 12 mile to state line running spoons close to the bottom no luck last year.


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    mothermoose i have a friend that had a cosin who had a charter out at that end told me you have to get out there where it is realy deep for the lake trout the next time i see him at work i will find out some things for you

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    Thumbs up lake trout for moose

    moose my friend at work said that you have to be in at least 140 fow to get the lakers . he said like off of long point is where they used to get them .he also said have to have down riggers and use spoons . i hope my info will help you thanks for the info you gave me .hope to meet you some day at the marina we will be in a white chevy truck or the browness tan tracker.

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    binks61 Guest


    Moose, In the spring ( now thru better part of may) the Lakers come inside the mountain out of NE in search of baitfish. Troll the inside of mountain ( 50ft +-) using techniques similar to deep water walleye. Larger spoons on Dipsys and downriggers. Hug the bottom. IF running downriggers keep the spoons close to the ball ( 5-10ft) Some guys even Bounce the ball off the mud to attract em.
    My favorite spoon choice is silver NK28 w/green stripe. Silver /blue combo also work for us.

    You wont catch many but when you do they are a blast. Had a 38 inch one mounted from the spring of 2006.

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    Thumbs up lakers

    sorry the info i got wont be any help .he didnt say any thing about in the spring .they did have a charter up there so my be they did that in the fall i can ask him .are you going to fish northeast first day of the eye season .i will more then liky fish our local lake the first day .if you do let me know how you do did you get the discreption of our boat i put on the other post .when i am going to be up there i will let you know .mybe we can work together to find the fish .

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    mothermoose Guest

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    jig & blink

    Should have my boat ready for the water in two weeks.

    I will try for some lakers, but really gonna work the bugs out. I did alot of work to it over the winter.

    I'm going to rig up for lake ontario planning a trip may 10.


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    Default moose eyes

    how much line where you leting out to catch the eye or was there no sertain line number

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