Hi guys. I have been trolling worm harnesses and dipsy divers off of Lorain in 51-52 feet of water. I've been going 5 miles out. North line is 41*33.147 and West line is 82*12.936. I have marked a lot of nice big marks but can't get much going. The junk have been taking my night crawlers pretty fast. I caught 3 by myself on Saturday and 4 with my friend on Sunday evening. It's been a mixed bag as far as size goes, but it's better than running 17.5 miles to the weather bouy. I've been going back 75ft on a 3 1/2 dipsy and 65ft back on a 1 setting. Blue and Pink beads and Copper Colorado Spinners have done the best for me. I use size 5 spinners. The perch fishing around here has been slow so 3 or 4 walleye look pretty tasty to me. Take Care and Good Luck!!