Posted this in the wrong forum yesterday:
Wife and I headed out, had to do some searching. Ended hitting 2 tickets with perch average 8"~10" with a good number 11" and 12". All caught at 34.6/20.9. Total weight was 21.7#. Lots of double headers and only a half dozen or so of white perch.

Dock neighbor caught his 1 man limit only a couple miles out but the fish were small.

The Bait Box fish cleaning place was closed with sign on door to call owner if you had fish to be cleaned. She said she closed at 2 pm today because no one was coming in with fish.

Great day on the water.

BTW: Showed the catch and reported the coordinates to Joe at Central Basin. He said he just received a call from a customer (2 on the boat) who was at 34/20 and caught 20 in 10 minutes with most being double headers.