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    Haven't seen much discussion on here about the walleye fishing in the Fairport Harbor / Mentor Lagoons area. We went out Friday morning and again Sunday morning. Action was slow. We used 30, 40, and Jumbo Jets with small stinger spoons. Also mixed in some dipsy's and crawler harnesses. On Friday, got one walleye in 52' on Jumbo/50 Jet and a blueberry muffin stinger. A few junk fish but no other walleye. According to the radio, the action was slow all over. Sunday was only slightly better. Marked lots of fish in 45'-53' range but no takers. Moved out to 61' and got a monster on dipsy set deep and nascar stinger. Moved back in to 45' and got another nice 'eye on 40 jet and blueberry muffin. Lots of sheephead and perch(!) while trolling. Again, the action on the radio was slow. I know "mum's the word" with charter boats, but any other recreational fisherman having any luck out of this area?

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    yobrick007 Guest

    Default first ones out

    your right, the bite sunday was slow. fished sat 43-52 caught 7. same area sun and only 3. One of the locals went out today for 8 hours in 70+ feet and got skunked. thats not a good sign. I suspect maybe. My fish report that I got says 65-72 ft theres solid marks. I will let you know how it goes. On the water sun, call "no problem" on 68. I launch out of HTP

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    Thanks for the comeback. Went out Fri 6/25 6am-10am in 64'-69' due North out of Fairport. One 'eye trolling north, one steelie coming back south. Both on 40-jet 110' back monkey puke stinger. Just haven't found any big numbers yet. Going back out Thursday or Friday. I will hit you up on 68.

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    yobrick007 Guest

    Default try mentor

    Good Luck, I'll be out wednesday. The charters are in 42 ft off mentor doing good. Don't know sizes or numbers but I know that they are all pulling harnesses. We only caught 2 on sun. My report was correct until previous sat. the charters were out in 65 or so but came back to fish on mentor. Good luck

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    Default tried Mentor

    Went out for a couple hours on Friday evening in front of Mentor Lagoons. Brought in 6 walleye from 17 to 25 inches.

    39 to 44 fow, dipsey 3 settings 95 ft back. Hit on 3 different color stingers. Bright flourecent to dark color, copper or silver back, it didn't matter.

    Went Saturday night at same time with the same set up. 2 white bass and 5 sheephead. Not a walleye to be had. I think we were dragging a couple white bass on the lines for a while, not knowing.

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    Went out Saturday late morning to early afternoon. Lots of boats trolling in the Mentor Lagoons 40' area. Everyone seemed to be pulling fish, especially on worm harnesses off 40 jets. Didn't have crawlers, but did OK with spoons - orange seemed to be the hot color.

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    yobrick007 Guest

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    NICE!! I'm happy for you. I'm surprised those fish are still there. I haven't talked to my buddy yet but im certain that those fish will be moving north with the heat and flat lake. I'm outta town till sun but I'll see if I can't get ya some gps numbers by then

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    Default Eastlake Walleye

    Went out of Chagrin late yesterday evening, didn't want to spend time traveling to Mentor since we got such a late start. Set up in about 51ft straight out of Eastlake. Tons of nice marks from top to bottom. Only one Walleye, but worth the trip. My buddy pulled in a nice 31 1/4 incher, 10+ pounder.

    Dipsey 3 setting 110 ft back. Old perch colored stinger.

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    We tried 70'+ the previous day with no luck. I am also surprised the fish are still that shallow this late, but we we did have that cool spell last week. Haven't been out this week yet, but planning to go deep again when I do.

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    We're going out for sunrise Saturday morning, Mentor/ Fairport area. Plan on going deeper as well.

    If you're out and want to share info then or any other time, were on 68"Blind Squirrel"

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