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    BOB1LMBR Guest

    Question Bummed Out

    Guys the lake conditions are looking kind of crappy for the weekend, I sure hope they change I was looking to get my boat in the water for the first time. I just thought I would share my dissapointment! It is my anniversary weekend and I wanted to take the wife out but pymatuming has hp requirements and there isnt anywhere else I know of? I have a 19ft thompson with a 120hp merc.

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    Wink Bob 1 lmbr other lakes

    Bob you can always go to mosquito lake that is my back up choice
    good lake for walleye unlimited hp if you like to get out with the wife and or kids not a bad choice they are picking them up there jiging /drifting let me know i'll give you a few spots to try and what colors.

    Ps . What is your boats name .

    Mine is
    burnin daylight.

    Good luck

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    bob1953 Guest


    jason could you tell me if there is any bait shops around mosquito lake I tried to find one online but couldn't thanks.

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    bob1953 Guest

    Default mosquito lake

    jason Is there any bait shops around the lake?

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    BOB1LMBR Guest

    Default Jason

    I was thinking about mosquito lake. I have heard that its shallow have you had any problems with running your boat on anything and what spots do you go to I live in Madison I have never been down there before I probably will take 528 or 534 down.

    I havent named my boat yet, I need too though I had just got it painted and it is nameless

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    Wink mosquito lake causway bait shop

    Bob there is a bait shop on rt 88 called causway bait and tackle
    i called today water on the north end of the lake is muddy
    but south of the causway is ok also there is a boat launch
    right across the street from the bait shop i'm not sure how to get there from where you are coming from you can ask the shop

    yes the lake is not real deep 24-26' tops but travle in the middle you will be fine i have seen big boats 24' -26' out trolling a few fish there quite a bit. Watch your depth finder.

    This lake runs north to south.

    A few good spots are ,south west side of the causway in the stump field this area is the depth is around 8' -12' good spot for jigging .

    About 4 miles down the lake on the left side or east side of the lake you will see a small parking lot and a road that ends in the water well it dont stop goes to the other side of the lake on each side of the road there is a drainage ditch holds walleye and crappie .

    Down from there about 400 yds there is a big inlet this is where they spawn but out off of this area it is pretty good as well many limits in this area in the past.

    Try orange/yellow jigs try crawlers and minnows
    also white jigs & white jigs all with stinger hooks

    there is no size limit but you know whats a keeper most of your walleye will be 14.5"-17"

    start shallow and then move out till you find them you will see many boats.they will come in like a dinner bell if you catch one
    and show your net if they are not catching and you are

    good luck ! Causway bait 1 (330) 637- 7076

    burnin daylight.

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    BOB1LMBR Guest


    Thanks for your help, I really hope that erie takes shape I would like to go out there ofcourse.

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    Yeah, that bait shop is on Rt. 88 on the east side of the lake. It opens at 6am and the boat launch is right there. I have had success also fishing the south side of the lake for walleye. Crappie can be caught under the bridge and along the causeway as well.

    Its a great time of year to fish Mosquito. The water is too cold for the recreational boaters, so its just fisherman. I would bet there will be ALOT of fishermen headed to the lake this weekend, given the nice weather.

    p.s. I also read there are a good number of pike in Mosquito. Anyone ever caught one?

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    Link to bait shop at mosquito. http://www.causewaysportinggoods.com/

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    eyeman1975 Guest

    Default mosquito

    we have had alot of luck with whistler jigs in this lake

    just thought i would share

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