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    BOB1LMBR Guest

    Default Jason

    I am gettin pissed off the lake is supposed to rough this weekend

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    Where do you get your lake forecast? I use the link from this site, but it only will forecast a couple days in advance.

    If the lake conditions are rough, that means we try for Steelhead in the river!

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    BOB1LMBR Guest


    I get it off the noaa web site I can try the one off this site but it may not be any different

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    The NOAA website reports 1 to 3 footers Thursday night. That's as far as it goes. Let's hope she lays down by Friday.

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    Smile First one's out weather site to check out

    I got a site for you to check out pick your area it might help you.

    might get a better idea.

    good luck


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    perchhunter Guest


    This is web that I use, I go out E.72 nd. Then
    go to noaa open lake.Hope this helps you out. I'm on the lake just about every week fri -mon.

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    Good4Eye's Guest


    I'm seeing 2 ft subsiding to 1 ft Thursday, Friday thru Sunday= around 1 foot. Wind is mostly out of West from 6 to 17 knots. Small craft advisory tonight and Thursday. Hope this helps.

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    perchhunter Guest


    I like 2-3's thats great for perch

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    BOB1LMBR Guest

    Default makes no sence

    I looked on the site that Jason gave me and yes it said around 2ft for near shore. But I looked on the other noaa cleveland web site and went to open water and it said 1-3 building to 2-4ft waves and that is too rough to be out in I could probably handle 1-3 in my boat but it is only 19ft and 2-4ft is dangerous.

    But the weather is sure going to be nice I was hoping to go out of fairport harbor this weekend.

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    That first link projected 1-2 for the entire weekend. the second link did not work.

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