Yes we did go fishing today, the 3 of us left home it was 22 degrees, got to Huron around 6:30, about a half hour early than we need to but we wanted to beat the crowd, and we did, and got the the first parking spot. Headed north out of the river about a half mile, marked some fish and set up. Trolled bandits and Husky Jerks for about 30 minutes till we got the first one. It was a bit tough keeping the hands warm, but when your catching fish it warms you up fast. Color didnít matter today, the brightest colors may have been a bit better, but not much. Speed was around 1.6 we caught 12 real nice fish by another 10:30, and decide to quit due to a afternoon appointment. My wife said we were crazy going out in the cold, but when she saw the fish, it was like wow, those are real nice. Headed out next week if the wind cooperates..