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    Is anyone fishing the night bite

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    Default Cleveland night bite

    Hey Hawghunter! Iím going to start hitting the Cleveland night bite this week. I entered the Fall Brawl but none of my buddies who said they would, did. Looks like I canít take the boat out without having fellow Brawlers on board so Iím going to start from shore, East to west over the next couple of weeks. Iím starting at Wildwood then 72nd, 55th, Edgewater, and Spitzer. Iíll post after each trip.

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    I'm at 55th. When weather breaks I'm on it also.

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    We go out of Wildwood every weekend!

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    Was out today but cannot find fish. Is anyone fishing 62_75 ft?

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    Don't these Central Basin Walleye that were in the 62' to 75' water mosey back to shallower water this time of the year and stage for their Spring return to their spawning reefs, shoals and rivers?

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    I was told November. Are you having any luck out of wildwood

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    We go out closer to Cleveland also, just not as often as Wildwood.
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