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    I Doug Lewis fish out of Ashtabula
    it is 11 miles out to 72 FOW
    I use 2 Gallons of gas
    I use a 9.8 Tohatsu 2021 outboard
    it takes me 1 hour to get out 1 hour to get in
    I troll at 2.5-2.9 miles per hour for 4-8 hours
    I have yet to hook a walleye above 3 MPH
    I have heard 3.2 up to 3.5 MPH from some fisherman
    is that a true speed or a false speed
    I try different speeds lures weights
    Chartreuse also known as Yellow Bandits have been good since June
    the walleye have been at 71-73 FOW all of SEPTEMBER out of Ashtabula
    I have to use 5 OZ weights since walleye are near bottom
    all my numbers are true
    the bigger boats go right past me at 72 FOW
    and Yes I do have to steer out of the way of some of these Jack-Asses

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    Thanks for the info. I hooked 1 at 4mph on the gps. Wasn`t trying, just in a hurry to get to another spot and to lazy to pull in the lines.

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    Doug you are fortunate to be in Ashtabula and only have to go 11 miles to get to 72 feet. It is a further ride to 72 feet from Cleveland but it is not 20 miles. You can’t go by the Lake Erie chart. My guess it is in the neighborhood of 15 to 16 miles out of Edgewater to get to 72 feet. I’m sure you pick the right days to do it but I commend you on going to where the fish are. Hopefully you have all your safety equipment in place in case there’s a problem. Good luck.

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    I use to limit going out to 63-68 about 7 miles off Ashtabula. I am now comfortable at 72 FOW. constant 2 footers are also within my comfort level.
    No I will not be going out to 15 miles at all. the first time I went out on lake Erie I went out 300 yards and came back in nervous even that was beyond my comfort level. all the walleye have been on the bottom all of September. yellow has been the best color for me. there are very few fish on fish finder at any depth.

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    Was in 65 for On Saturday off Fairport, marking fish stacked up 50-60 ft. Waves were 3-5 ft. Only lasted a couple hours got beat to death and skunked

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    Fished Lorain Friday near the dumping grounds. Managed only six fat eyes 17-22".
    The program was dipseys and small spoons (Warrior, Michigan Stinger) either gold, copper, or antifreeze that worked. All the spoons had markings of green. Also tried divers, and worm harnesses with no success.
    Speed 2.8-3.1 mph
    Marked a ton of great fish, but not much seemed to be biting.
    Also ran to the south sandbar which had great marks but nothing was biting.

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    Not going to get much of report since the Fall Brawl is about to start everyone trying to get that new boat!!!!!!!!

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    I have to use 5 OZ weights since walleye are near bottom

    Doug... how far up from the lure do you run your 5 oz?

    what total leads are working to get that deep?


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    I used 8-10 foot leads
    my lines got tangled and I had to cut them
    I forgot my 25 LB. Mono that day and had to use a 42" leader
    since that pole had the Yellow lure it still caught the most fish
    YELLOW has been the color since MAY
    I started using 3-4 foot leaders they worked just as good
    I have 125 foot of 1 color then 125 foot of another color that puts lines out 250 feet
    If anyone needs exact size weights
    I go on EBAY. send a message to sellers who sell that style weight
    ask for the weights you want
    my first order was for 3-4-5 oz pyramid weights 10 of each 30 total for 25 dollars shipping included
    this is the time to get best prices
    Van Dam ware house had the best prices on Bandits $ 5.84 I had to order 9 to have free shipping
    I put 200 feet then 125 feet then 125 feet 450 total
    first 200 40 lb braided then 30 lb braided then 20 lb braided
    both 40 and 30 lb are cheaper lines about 13-17 dollars for 1000 meters on Ebay
    line near lure is 20 lbs. 37 dollars for 1000 meters on Ebay
    I have not had any fish break my 20-30-40 lbs. braided lines since I started fishing again from a boat in 2019
    nor have any broke my 25 lb Mono
    my biggest Trout 27+ inches about 7 1/2 lbs. and Walleye 28+ inches about 7 1/2 lbs. in 1 year of fishing
    I let about 400 feet of line out once this year just to try it.
    after about 50 minutes I reeled it in since it was the only pole NOT to catch a fish.
    I found a small 11 inch walleye on it. so all of my poles had caught a fish that morning I just did not realize it.
    my old 2 stroke engine used about 4 gallons my new 4 stroke uses about 2 Gallons
    there is Peace with a 4 stroke 2 strokes give me a head ache Higher Noise Level

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    Doug... was asking... with 5 oz attached... how much line out to reach say 60 ft.

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