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    Default Central basin

    Anyone fishing central basin? Where are good areas off rocky river? Avon point?

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    I plan to launch out of 72nd / Gordon Park this weekend - Friday looks the best so far this week. Going to give it a whirl and stay in the 40-45' range with bandits if the water isn't too messed up from all the rain this week - or I will fish the mud line near the clean water. I plan to head East and fish back toward the ramps.

    Would love to hear if others have got out and had any luck in the Central Basin?
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    Did fairly well off of Hotwaters last weekend. 50 fow, bandits 80 feet back. Planning on doing the same this afternoon.

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    Fished 5/22 and 5/24 started out by the crib in 51' and went to gold coast 40' to 30' drifting with weapons didn't get a bite. no drift and water was still dirty, will try again 5/27 hopefully with better results.

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    Default Edgewater Park to Gold Coast

    First time posting, just wanted to thank all of you who post information for us. It truly helps make the weekend warriors limited time spent on the water more productive.

    Spent Monday and Tuesday this past weekend (Memorial Day) out of Edgewater Park.

    East of Crib 40 -50 FOW - Dipsys with spoons (Orange and Green worked best ) fish were anywhere between 25 - 40 down. Caught 7 18-22 inches one 29 1/2 Speed 2 - 2.4

    West of Crib off Gold Coast 30-40 FOW fish were from 8 - 25 ft bandits unassisted 30 -50 ft back and dipsys with spoons or stick baits orange/perch colors seemed best caught 7 again 1.8 - 2.2 mph fish were 20 -24 inches with one 30 in

    Only fished for 5 hrs each day, thought those were pretty good days.

    Fish seem pretty spread out depth wise, have not seen a thermocline set up yet, at least isn't showing up on my depth finder.

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    Thanks for the post. Nice to have a report in central basin area. I've tried Lorain a couple times a couple weeks ago. I went west this to the island Tuesday to pick up 9 from 8:AM to 2:30PM. I'll be trying Lorain, CLE, Euclid in the near future and post results. Wish we had more first hand reports for these areas here on walleye.com.

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    Caught four yesterday off of huntington beach

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