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    Had the pleasure again to be on board walleye 2 go last night fishing out of cleveland. Capt Gregg set down right onto of good bite as we had fish coming in b4 we even got the 4th rod in the water. Bandits did all the damage. The winds did really start to blow and it was so nice being if larger 30fter not my small 19fter.

    We kept 21 of our 24 before we had a sick kid on board, everyone was fine with calling it a night early and getting the little man back on solid ground to feel better. I think we did have 2 or 3 come loose on the way in.

    We didnt have anything scale worth for the brawl but had a really good grade of fish.

    Cleveland is pretty from the water at night.

    Thanks gregg, anyone looking for some late season fishing, if in the fall brawl or not. Give gregg a call. His boat is in the water till the end of the month

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