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    Is anyone having luck catching walleye in the afternoon? We won't be able to get out next Friday morning. My son really wants to catch some big fish. Any help or advice is appreciated. Would be heading out of Cleveland.

    We tried to get out this morning but our truck was not cooperating and decided to misfire. Looks like we need to change some spark plugs.

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    any time you get out right now is a great time to catch fish. i've been reading a lot of posts out of Cleveland on a lake erie forum and reports say the fish are between 48' and 60' and once you find then its a fire drill. small spoons like stinger scorpions or galeforcetackle.com small spoons at 3.0 mph has been the hot ticket this yr.

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    Hi Michelle,

    Check out my report from the East 72nd ramps...got on the water at noon and some decent luck "fun" fishing with the family.


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