Launched out of the Fairport Harbor Port Authority around 7:45am. Ramps are still slightly flooded but accessible.

Headed north to 45 FoW to get started. Pointed boat east and had my son steer while I got the First rod rigged with a jet diver 40 and warhead spoon. Put it about 60 back with a boat speed of 2.0-2.5mph and started to get next rod out and the first rod hooked up-first fish in less than 2 minutes

Had solid marks in 45-52 FoW, anything deeper was hit and miss. Water quality was nice, mudline was about 1 mile off shore.

Got a 2 man limit running Stinger Spoons (anything purple, blue, and chrome worked) on dipseys and the jet diver#0 Dispey at a 3 setting off the right side. Lines about 60-80 feet. All rods caught fish. Threw a couple 15-17 inches back and a few shorties. Cooler was full or 18-22” eyes and one jumbo perch.

The waves were choppy with an east wind shifting to southeast. After 3 hours and having our limit we made our way in. Waves were like a washing machine of solid 3 footers.

Happy catching and be safe out there. The fish are coming in and there are lots of em’.