Let me start of by saying Iím not a good story teller but i donít mind sharing info in the mourning we ran about 4 miles west of the marina out to 47 feet of water set a side of dream weaver wormburners deeper 30-35ft and a side of bandits 90 back which is around 18ft with a couple different colors I had two blue cromes out as I do read the west board last couple years for me the color they weíre using worked well for me and again within 45 minutes I had all the blue or Crome I had out picked up 21 in two hours not sure what happened fish shut off to Far East whatever the reason we turned And trolled west got nothing in 30 minutes so we reeled everything motored back down maybe a mile west past marina trolled to the east again got the last 3 in 5 minutes the speed was 1.8-2.0 all fish were caught on bandits 90 back blue Crome really stood out I will be out this Saturday post the results next week I do also share info on ch 68