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    Left hot waters at 6:30am, went north for about 10 miles. Didn't like the marks, so went a couple of more miles and it looked much better. Started out trolling at 2.5 mph, had some success but not as busy as I like it. I realized there was a pretty fast current flowing southwest since my dipseys was wanting to flow in that direction, so I slow it down to 1.5 mph, turn into the current and got busy pulling in fish rapidly. Threw back anything under 18". Limited in 2 hours. Dipseys with crawler harnesses 100 & 120 back. Fish were from bottom to 45 ft suspended. Even threw a husker with 3oz snap weight in for fun and it produced as well. Waves were 1-3 with a south east wind bout 10mph. Good cloud cover. Excellent conditions. Keepers were 24" - 18"

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    Enjoyed your post Jimbo, so descripive, like being on the boat with you. Keep up the good fishing reports.

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