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    Buddy and I launched out of Grumpy's at 6:30 and headed to the dump area. It was pretty bumpy out there, plenty of white water. We set dipsys and spoons, the 1 @ 85 and the 3 @ 105. It was probably 30 minutes before we got a hit. The walleye bite was tough and we caught (and released) probably 30 white bass. Also kept a couple of really nice perch, but we were after walleye and just couldn't seem to dial it in today. We tried several different depths but only ended up with 10 before calling it quits at about 11:00. I'm new to trolling this year so I'm not quite sure what else we could do. We were marking fish most of the time, used various Stingers and Daredevles but never really locked them in. Still better than going to work!
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    Id say you did everything right. You just happened to be out there in a day where the white bass were more aggressive than the walleye and that happens sometimes. Supposedly you can try running faster ~3mph to discourage the white bass. Ten fish is still pretty good!

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    I agree with dgf2250, changing speed is a good technique when the bite gets tough along with switching spoons frequently to find the right color. Next try adjusting the depth of your spoons. Walleye feed upward so be sure you're running over their heads. The last thing I do is just slow down altogether and pull harnesses especially after a cold front.
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