A little late on the post...but it may help someone.

Fished out of Lorain on 5/27. Didn't show up on the water until around 9:00. Just me and the girlfriend for the first trip out this season.

Started off with very little wind and less than 6 inch waves. Started about 2 miles out and a mile east of the lighthouse. Most other boats started over the dumping grounds.

The GF loves jig fishing. I tied a black and purple 3/4 oz. jig on, tipped it with half a crawler and before I got the 2nd pole tied up...she was screaming 'fish on'! She started the year with a 25 inch walleye.

I tied on a bunch of crawler harnesses with different colors and weights. Everything I threw out had similar results. Caught a fish about every 5-10 minutes for the next few hours we fished. As the wind picked up, I added more weight to keep the harness in the fish zone.

The girlfriend caught as many on her jig as I caught on two lines. Ended up with 8 in the box, a couple of perch and 40+ throwbacks (14.5" walleye).

Note to all of the guys out there that didn't grow up casting or drifting....try it! I have a ton of trolling equipment on the boat. If conditions and fish agree, I would much rather drift and cast. I watched 100+ boats trolling in circles with very few tips up. When the fish are biting, and the weather agrees, save some gas and have some fun. It is way different setting the hook on a 34 inch walleye than lipping it while trolling and reeling in a boat anchor.