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Geneva is looking up

The lake was flat on 7/5. Muckleheads were as bad as I have ever seen them. We managed 6 eyes off dipseys in 4 hours. Early start on 7/6 was discouraging. Went to 60' of water due north out of the park. Marked many fish but no bites in an hour. Went out to the 42.00 line and set up on the 55 E/W line trolling east in 3-4 ft cresting waves while listening to the radio telling me it's 2 feet or less. Blueberry muffin and homemade gold harnesses run behind "O" dipseys back 270' at 1.8-2.2 mph got me a limit of 6 eyes weighing over 30# by the time I got to the 50 line. It took an hour pounding thru those "2 ft" waves to get back to the park.

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