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  1. zoome360's Avatar
    I use a "Toaster Oven" style air fryer. Use it more as a broiler than an air fryer.
    - I use a small pizza pan - Cover pan with foil - make clean up easy
    - squirt a little oil on foil - I use olive oil. sometimes canola
    -- Just enough oil to coat the foil - not deep frying here
    - Place fillet on foil/oil - flip it around to coat both sides with oil
    -- End with "good side up" - you know what I mean?
    - Sprinkle with a little spice - I use garlic powder, salt, pepper (sometimes Italian seasoning)
    - Lightly cover with Panko bread crumbs - just sprinkle some on top. should stick to the oil on top of the fillet
    - finish with a little more salt and pepper
    - Optional: Add a couple of super thin strips of butter (1" x 1" x super thin) on top of the bread crumbs (makes it crispy when "frying")
    - Air Broil/Air Fry for 10 minutes @ 400F - more or less depending on thickness

    This is for walleye (and other skinless/flaky fish), not for perch (just my opinion). Perch needs to be fried the old fashioned way.
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  2. eyeguy's Avatar
    Hi Ted, well first off nothing beats frying in oil, having an air fryer i have tried it a few ways and it is fair, if you bread it you must spray it with oil/pam to brown and give it bit of crisp, and without breading use seasonings with butter or lemon juice for some moisture. .